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There's no easier way to brighten up your home than staining or refinishing your home's staircase. Father & Son Floor Sanding of Massachusetts can do just that at a reasonable price with fair service. We strive for customer satisfaction and will always stand by the quality of our work. If you're not happy, we'll fix it!

FREE estimates for you!

Do you have a set of stairs that need some work? Father & Son Floor Sanding will pay you a visit and give you a FREE estimate on our services. Our amazing stair services include:

• Repairing

• Refinishing

• Sanding

• Staining

Perfect for any stairs

No matter the situation or staircase, Father & Son Floor Sanding are the one's to choose. We can perform quality work on both commercial and residential locations.


If you need something special to set your home apart, why not start with the stairs?

Add value and craftsmanship to your home!